Wheel Building Course

I don’t have any previous bike mechanical experience, can I join the course?

There is no pre-requisite for this course, we will make sure every student walks away with sufficient knowledge and correct building technique they need for building their own wheels.

Will I be able to finish building a wheel on my own?

Absolutely. That is what you pay for this course. Trust me, nothing is more satisfactory than riding on your own hand-built wheelset.

What types of wheel will I learn to build during the course?

You will be building a rim brake version wheel throughout the course. Our first priority is to provide you with a solid foundation in wheel building, and later you could expand your knowledge and experience on your own. Don’t worry, we will also teach you how to build for disc brake wheels at the end of the course.

Do I need to bring my own tools?

No, all the wheel building equipment will be provided.

Do I get to keep the wheel I build during the course?

Yes, you can proudly hang up on your wall, and show off to your cycling buddies that you have unlocked the pinnacle of skills in cycling mechanical world.

Can I bring my own rims to the course?

All students must use our training wheels during the course, we will get you enough practice and confidence before building your own so that you won’t damage your newly purchased fancy carbon rims.

Can I build my own wheels at Wheel Society after the course?

Absolutely, all our students graduated from the previous courses can borrow our equipment (including ParkTool truing stand, spoke keys, spoke holders, rulers….) at Wheel Society facility. We charge a flat fee of $30 per wheel. If you want to use our P&K Lie truing stand, it is $40 per wheel.  Bookings are required to ensure we have the equipment ready before you come.

Is it difficult to learn wheel building?

Wheel building isn’t rocket science! A year 8 kid can learn it, so you definitely can. As long as you pay close attention to what instructors teach, we guarantee every student walks away with the confidence to build the wheels on their own.

Any benefits about wheel building course?

Wheel building trains people how to be patient, and attention to details. Many students find wheel building very fulfilling, satisfying, stress relieving. It doesn’t get any better than building your wheelset in a rainy day with a cup of warm coffee while playing your favourite music in background.

Do you offer any private wheel building lessons at my home?

Yes, that is possible, currently only available in Melbourne metropolitan area. At least 3 students are required for private lesson. We will bring all the tools to your appointed place. Please email us if you have any questions regarding private lessons.

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