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About Us

Wheel Society specialises in supplying the best hand-built bicycles wheels for serious cyclists. Most of our wheels are custom made for each rider, we need to consider your age, weight, power, riding conditions, aesthetics, budget and other specific needs. In return, you will get a pair of first class wheelset that not only contains years of building experience, knowledge, devotion, but also outperform any off the shelf factory wheels in terms of performance, value, durability, functionality.

All our wheels will be trued and checked using P&K Lie truing stand and tension meter which get regularly checked and recalibrated. When it comes to building wheels, we do not take any compromises, we represent highest standard in the industry globally (0.1mm for both roundness and lateral trueness, spoke tension is as even as possible for modern high quality carbon rims).

Contact Us

Email: info@wheelsocity.com.au

Telephone: 0423655588

Location: Surrey Hills VIC 3127, Melbourne, Australia

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